Money Breakthrough


Money Breakthrough Tele-Class

Are you tired of struggling with money? Do you know that you have so much more potential with the money you bring in but don’t know what is stopping it? Or you have money but you are always worrying about?  After years of working with clients—helping them to achieve big Money Breakthroughs.  I have designed a class to share this life changing information.

In this Tele-Class you will learn:

  • What your Money template is and how it is holding you back
  • What the secret meaning of debt is
  • The Ways that your Self-Esteem affects how much money you make and how to heal this so you can move into Abundance
  • Learn how the specific money patterns you inherited from your family are affecting you today
  • How to eliminate your fear related to money—Forever!
  • Learn how your Money Mindset has the power over your personal economy and the opportunities that come to you

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Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC

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