Anxious about the Ecomony? How to Move Out of Fear and into Trust

August 16th, 2012, by Shelley Riutta

Are you immobilized by fear about the economy?  Many people are and instead of moving forward into their dreams they are pulling back in fear.   This is the exact opposite of what is needed right now.

We are in a transformational time that is urging each one of us to live more authentically and true to our heart.  If we continue to ignore the voice of our true self and stay in places in our life out of fear—we are going to be more stuck than ever. 

What I have found is the people that have been stuck are struggling even more now—and the people that are moving forward in faith are the ones that are seeing this time as a true opportunity to align more with their Spirits.  When we are in faith and trust, we hear the voice of our true voice guiding us safely on our path.  Our attention is inward to the subtle messages of our intuition-which is how our Spirit speaks to us.

If you look to the news or to outer sources to guide you-you will be confused and fearful.  Use this as an opportunity to start to listen to your own inner guidance system.  This voice will be one of comfort, reassurance and ideas on how to proceed during this time.

If you can think of this time as a Spiritual Awakening-that we are moving into higher, lighter spiritual frequencies.  With this transition we are all called to release the denser energies of fear and control to be able to embrace this higher energy.  What I see happening is that a part of the fear that people are experiencing right now is an actual release of long held dense energy that has been held inside for a long time.

It is helping people being able to hold this higher frequency–so this is actually a good thing.  The other kind of fear that I see people in is not a release but is being created by a projection of fear into the future.  This is unnecessary fear that people are experiencing and is just causing them to suffer.

So see if you can identify where your fear is coming from.  If it is old, dense fear that is being released-breathe into it and consciously focus on releasing this dense energy-helping it to move through your body.

If it is self-created fear based on projecting fearful thoughts into the future then open up to comforting and reassuring this fearful part of you that is creating these scary scenarios.  Reassure this part of you from your loving adult that you can stay in the present moment, taking loving care of yourself and listening to your guidance on the best way to move forward.  Trust that you are being guided to navigate this time calmly and with the full assurance that all is well.



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