Finding Your Soulmate

March 12th, 2009, by Shelley Riutta

Do you want to open up to meet your Soulmate?  Just this past Tuesday I interviewed Kathryrn Alice—one of the leading experts in the field of Soulmate Manifestation.  Kathryn is the author of the best-selling book “Love Will Find You: 9 Magnets to Bring You and Your Soulmate Together.” 

Her transformational work has helped thousands of people shed outdated beliefs about relationships and uplift themselves to a higer level where they attracted their Soulmates.

In this interview she shared some of her principles for Attracting Soulmate Love:

*Learn that NOTHING will keep love from you

*Even if you never leave the house, your Soulmate will find you

*There is no such thing as rejection, only the wrong fit

*The concept of looking beyond appearances

*How to uplevel your current relationship so a Soulmate Relationship

Kathryn also did a powerful guided imagery to help you connect with your Soulmate on the spiritual level.


“The call tonight with Kathryn Alice was excellent.  Thank you and Kathryn both.  The call was informative and the Soul Call brought tears to my eyes.  Well Done!”                                       Presentation Participant

We did record the presentation and you can purchase a copy–for details click on this link

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