Pay Attention to Your Environment

October 2nd, 2012, by Shelley Riutta

The environment that we are in can have a profound impact on us.  The following things make up our environment:

  • Our physical surroundings–the decor, colors, sounds, smells, the kinds of activity happening around us
  • The people around us–what they are saying, doing, the kind of energy they are emitting (ex. happy, frustrated)
  • The overall energy of the place we are in.  Each place—each home, place of business has a signature energy–which is a combination of the moods of everybody, what historically has happened there, how physically clean it is, the intentions of the business owners.  This energy in turn impacts how people feel there which can in turn contribute to more of the same energy.  Example–if it is a place with a happy energy–it is more likely that people will feel happy there and emit more energy of happiness into the environment.

This kind of awareness can help you to choose the environments you decide to spend your time in.  It can also help to be aware of the kind of environment you are creating in your own home and office and notice if this is the kind of environment you want to create.

 Last week I was out to lunch with a friend and we went to an Indian restaurant here in town.  I have been to this restaurant before and have had a good feel about being there–but this time it was striking how beautiful it was there.  There was so much care that went into the decor and it was so clean that it almost shimmered.  The energy feel of it was also light and beautiful.  There were lots of windows with light streaming in the golden curtains.  The people that worked there also were so focused on really being of service and were kind and loving. I really got how this kind of care and attention on so many levels really helps to uplift people and nurture their Spirits.

So pay attention to the environments you are in and see how they feel to you.  Notice what you like and what you don’t like.  Use this as information to make the adjustments that you can in your own environment and then to be more mindful of where you spend your free time.

9 Self-Esteem Exercises – #9

September 18th, 2012, by Shelley Riutta


One of the things that will hold you back from feeling good about yourself is expectations of perfection. Do you put pressure on yourself to do things perfectly or to be perfect?  See if you can watch yourself carefully to see if you are doing this because it puts unrealistic pressure on yourself—it also sets you up to self-judge if you fall short of your perfectionist expectations. 

See if you can loosen things up for yourself and let yourself be imperfect and to do things imperfectly.  You will find yourself relaxing more and just letting yourself be yourself–-and you are WONDERFUL just the way you are—you don’t need to prove it with being perfect.

Today—relax and just let yourself be you—letting go of expectations of perfection!

9 Self-Esteem Exercises – #8

September 13th, 2012, by Shelley Riutta


When is the last time you reached out for support? I work with people on developing a Loving Adult on the inner level that is attending to their feelings and taking loving actions on their own behalf.  We also need support from others.  So it is the job of the Loving Adult to determine when it is time to reach out to others.

The wounded self—the conditioned part of us may think that reaching out is a bad thing–that others will think we are weak or will let us down etc.—so it is better to “just do it on our own.”  If you follow the wounded self and don’t reach out you will feel alone and isolated–on top of struggling with whatever you are struggling with.  Reaching out to others will help you open up to connection–to know that you are not alone and that someone cares about you and is supporting you.  Many of our wounded states are related to feeling somehow different and set apart from everyone else in our suffering.  So reaching out and connecting in of itself is very healing and will help you shift into a better place.

Spirit works through other people as well as coming from your own guidance. The information that would be helpful to you is always trying to get through to you.  It can be our own negative states that lower our frequency and make it difficult to receive this information. So reaching out to others will allow helpful information to come through to you that you may be blocking because you are having a difficult time.

Give yourself the gift of reaching out to others for support when you need it.



9 Self-Esteem Exercises – #7

September 11th, 2012, by Shelley Riutta

How loving are you with those around you?

How you treat others will affect how you feel about yourself as well as greatly impact the quality of your connections with people.  Notice what you focus on in others—is it their faults–what they are doing wrong—or what you love and appreciate about them.

A simple loving comment to someone in your life–can improve how you feel as well as positively affect their mood as well.  Make it a practice to share appreciations with people throughout the day—everyone you meet share something you appreciate about them and watch the joy you feel as well as the joy you will spread to them.

You can be a beacon of light to those you connect with—so let your light shine and share your appreciation today.







9 Self-Esteem Exercises – #6

September 6th, 2012, by Shelley Riutta

One of the exercises that you can practice to raise your self-esteem is to practice being gentle with yourself.

Instead of putting pressure on yourself or having expectations of perfectionism–lighten up and be gentle.  This energy of being gentle will make your inner world lighter and more loving.

You will begin to relax and be more authentic–be more “you”.  This inner shift will also help you to be more gentle with those around you—which will open the door for a closer connection.

Today practice being gentle with yourself.


9 Self-Esteem Exercises – #5

September 4th, 2012, by Shelley Riutta


What happens inside of you when you get a reaction from someone that you perceive as negative? How you react will affect how you feel about yourself.  Carmen was talking to a good friend of hers and she sensed that he was irritated by something—right away she went into self-judgement–she thought “He must be upset with me–he must think that I am being very demanding” she felt awful when she thought this–but it was an automatic reaction.

It reminded her of when she was little and her Mom would be mad and irritated and took it out on her. She learned to take responsibility for her Mom’s upset—Mom must be right—I am bad.

Now Carmen is an adult and developing a Loving adult voice inside of her–once she catches this self-judgement she can move into compassion with herself and say “Honey we don’t know what is going on with our friend—it probably has nothing to do with you–we are not responsible for his feelings–let’s just check in with him and see what is going on.” She did check in with him and the irritation she thought he was in was something else that he was feeling and was not related to her at all.

So next time you perceive a negative reaction from someone–first move into compassion with yourself —reassuring yourself that you are not the cause of these feelings in the other person. Then you can move into the intent to learn with the other person and find out what is going on for them.  By doing this you  will prevent yourself from going into needless self-judgement of yourself–causing yourself unnecessary pain and eroding your self-esteem.

Do What You Love

August 14th, 2012, by Shelley Riutta

This is a picture of my dog Niyo this past summer at my family’s cottage.  He is looking up at me and barking because he wants me to throw this thing called a flying squirrel (it is like a canvas frisbee) into the lake so he can swim out and get it.  He LOVES doing this and could do it until my arm fell off from throwing it!

Dogs are good teachers for us because they gravitate towards what is fun and then do it till their hearts content (or until their owners arm falls off:)  It is so simple for them to follow what they love.  We too did this when we were children.

I saw a perfect example of this when I was visiting Duke Botanical Gardens in North Carolina.  I was sitting on a hill watching some kids running around and playing at the bottom of the hill.   They were having so much fun and I had fun just watching them.

Nearby where I was sitting there was a group of teachers and kids sitting on the grass–it was fairly quiet and the kids looked quite bored. I could see the kids looking longingly at the kids playing at the bottom of the hill.

One of the kids couldn’t stand it anymore and started slinking away from their group to move towards the playing kids.  As he moved away one of the teachers started calling his name “Jimmy, you get back to the group.”  Jimmy conveniently didn’t hear the teacher and kept moving towards the playing kids.  The teacher yelled louder “Jimmy, get back here now!”  Just as she said that he broke away and began running towards the kids.

Inside I was saying “Go Jimmy Go!”

The teacher didn’t realize that he wasn’t doing anything wrong, he was just going to where the fun was.  Kids are innately drawn to what is  fun,  to what brings them Joy.  But you can see the dynamic of him being punished for following this and will have an impact on him as he grows up.

Instead of following what he loves he will instead try to please those around him with what he thinks they want him to do.  Can you see how people can get sidetracked from this innate mechanism of following what you love?  It could be messages from parents or teachers that communicate that following what you love takes you away from what they think you are supposed to be doing.

Notice if this is a dynamic inside of you.  You may have had so many years of not following what you love that you forgot what those things even are.  Or you know what you love but you don’t give yourself permission to do these things more often.

See if you can reconnect with what you love to do give yourself permission (like Niyo does) to do these things to your hearts content!  What do you love to do?  I would love to hear from you!  I love to DANCE, SING, LAUGH, WRITE, CUDDLE….




Speak Your Mind….Even if Your Voice Shakes

August 9th, 2012, by Shelley Riutta


“Speak your mind…even if your voice shakes”  

~Maggie Kuhn, member of the Gray Panthers–social activist group advocating for justice and fairness for older Americans.

I was thinking back to the first time I attended Toastmasters. 

For those of you who don’t know– Toastmasters is an organization designed to give people an opportunity to speak in front of a group and get constructive feedback.  Some people attend for personal growth–and some attend to help develop their speaking skills for their profession.  I had been wanting to attend Toastmasters for about a year and I finally put it in my schedule and attended.

I was so inspired by everyone who gave a speech!  Despite nervousness and shaky voices they were doing it—moving beyond their fears into freedom.  It was so moving for me.  One of the biggest fears for most people is public speaking and here was a whole group of people actively moving through this fear. 

I thought since it was my first meeting that I would be off the hook from speaking—not so—just as my mind was starting to drift off I heard my name.  My friend Nancy who was in charge of the table top speeches–these are 1-2 minute speeches that are impromptu speeches on a random topic–decided to call on me to do one of the speeches. 

For me public speaking creates some anxiety in me but more than anything I get excited and invigorated by speaking.  So I left the meeting flying high because of a few things—I was inspired by the others who were moving through their fears, I was excited that I finally attended and I’m glad I got my feet wet by getting to speak! 

The more you face your fears and do it anyway, you will move into freedom in your life.  Don’t let your fears hold you back any longer.  Do it even if your voice shakes!

What are you afraid of?  What can you do to face this fear rather than avoiding it?  Make a plan to do it this week!



Jump Start Your Dreams

August 2nd, 2012, by Shelley Riutta

“Nothing happens unless we first dream.”  ~  Carl Sandburg

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.”   ~ Christopher Reeve

Are you pursuing a dream that you are passionate about?  Do you have a dream that you have sat on for years and have not taken action on it?   Do you even know what your dreams are?

Dreams are actually part of our guidance system in life.  They give us clues and a road map for what roads we should be traveling.    So if you feel unclear or confused about your dreams you have lost touch with your “dreaming” self.  Your dreaming self is that part of you that is connected with all of the possibilities in life.  It is the part of you that truly believes in the magic and joy of living.

It is the part of you that will guide you to the sweetest happiness and fulfillment you could ever imagine.  So often people get disconnected from their dreaming self at a very young age by parents who stopped connecting with their own dreaming selves.

When I work with clients, part of the healing process is to re- connect with their dreaming self.  The part of them that has expansive dreams.  Very often they believe this part of them is not even there anymore -that it is lost and they never can retrieve this part of them.  The good news is that this part of them never goes away-it is just buried under the limiting beliefs of their conditioning and fears.  It may take a bit of time, but they can re-connect with this dreaming part of themselves and then start to listen to this voice.

You may be in that same position of being disconnected from your dreaming self too.  If that is the case I will give you some tips to help you make this connection.  Others of you may have some clarity about your dreams, but you have not taken action to pursue your dreams-I will address how to get beyond this too.

Tips to Reconnect with your Dreams

  • Let Go of Your Critical Thinking- To hear the voice of your dreams you first must quiet the critical voice inside.  If you think of what it is like to share a dream with a friend and they shoot it down with criticism.  How likely are you going to share your dreams with that person again?  Not very likely.  It is the same way with your internal voice of criticism.  If you bring a dream into your own mind and right away you find ways it won’t work or judge it as a stupid idea-the voice of your dreaming self will grow silent and pretty soon you have stopped dreaming.  Open up to being loving and supportive of your dreams.  This will create a safe environment for your dreams to come forward and be voiced inside of you.
  •  Make a list of 100 things you would like to Do, Be or Have.  This may be a bit of a challenge to start this, but as you work on this list you will be taking the heavy lid off your dreaming self and it will begin to speak to you—and you will be able to add things to the list.  By starting the list you are priming the pump for more ideas to come through.  Here are some examples of things you may have on your list: travel to Hawaii, learn to salsa dance, learn to paint in watercolors, go on a weekend camping trip alone, take a family trip to the Grand Canyon, start your own business, be more adventurous etc.
  • Notice When You Like What Someone Else is Doing- Sometimes our dreams are brought forward because we see someone else living them.  This can sometimes come out in a statement like “Oh, I wish I could do that”.  For example if you have a friend who travels a lot and you love to hear the stories of her adventures-this may be a dream of yours that you should take action on. Pay attention to when you feel this way -this can give you clues to your own dreams.  What do you see other people doing that you would LOVE to do?
  • Forget about the “How” When You Are Dreaming- You may disregard your dream because you can’t see how this dream could ever happen.  You may say “I could never quit my job and do this thing I love-I can’t see how it can happen.”  The most important thing is to identify the dream and decide if this is the dream you want to pursue.  I have seen over and over that once people decide and commit—and move forward in action towards their dreams-the pieces of the puzzle of the “How” fall into place.  You will not experience this if you hang back and try to figure it out in your head “how” to do it before you will decide if you will do it.  The ideas, inspiration and the “how” come to you after you decide and commit.
  • Go somewhere Special and Inspirational to Contemplate Your Dreams- Take time from your busy schedule to reflect on your dreams.  Sometimes people are so busy with their day to day lives that they don’t have the time to reflect on their lives.  You need time and space to drop down into your feeling self-that is where the dreaming part of you lives.  Find a café or other inspirational place to go and reflect. Write at the topic of the page “If I could do anything I would……..”-and just let your mind drift and write down the ideas that come to you.  And remember like I mentioned above to quiet your critical voice while you are doing this.
  • Decide You Will Love Yourself Enough to Honor Your Dreams- It is an act of self- love to listen to the voice of your dreams and to pursue these special dreams.  Just like you want the people in your own life that you love so dearly to be happy and to pursue their dreams-love yourself in that same way and listen to your own dreams.  The level of happiness you feel in your life is directly related to how well you are listening to your dreaming self-and taking these dreams seriously.
  • If You Are Not Pursuing Your Dreams or are Confused about Your Dreams-What Are You Afraid Of?- If you have been stalled on pursuing your dream,  know that there are some fears that are holding you back-some of these are conscious and some of these are unconscious.  If they are conscious fears that you are aware of-write them down.  Look at what you wrote from the highest part of you-the part of you filled with faith and trust.   From this perspective write a response back to this fear.                                                                                                     An example of a fear could be “I could never make money at doing a job that I love-I have to just stay stuck where I am at-besides things are so unstable with the economy right now I can’t take any risks.”  Your answer back could be “Yes you can make money at doing a job you love-it just takes time, effort and persistence.  Trust that as we pursue what we love we will be supported on every level.  We can take steps now to move in that direction and trust that the right opportunity will open up for us.  We actually will be in a better position with the economy if we move in a direction of doing what we love rather than staying stuck out of fear.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Some of your fears may be more unconscious.  To address these unconscious fears ask yourself on a piece of paper.  “You aren’t taking any steps towards your dreams-why are you so afraid?”  Close your eyes and just listen in to what thoughts pop into your head-or the feeling you feel in your body.  Write the response down and do the same thing as I listed above-which is to right a response to this fear from the highest part of you.
  • Get Support- Out of everything I have listed above this is the most important tip of all.  Get support from believe who believe in you and the beauty of your own dreams.  In my last Life Purpose Mentoring Group some of the people had these dreams in their hearts for years but never took action to pursue them.  With the support of the program they made more progress in 3 months than they did in 10 years of sitting on their dream.  Others were able to step out of the confusion of going around and around again about trying to figure out their Life Purpose and were finally able to get the clarity they needed to move forward.  It was amazing-it was like seeing a group of people become alive again after years of holding themselves back and not fully living.  The power of positive, inspirational support is a key element in moving beyond your fears into the joy of living your dreams.


Begin today to re-connect with your dreaming self and listen to its beautiful wisdom.  Allow this wisdom to guide you to a life that is filled with joy and possibility!


Are You Having Fun Yet?

July 31st, 2012, by Shelley Riutta

“Unless each day can be looked back upon by an individual as one in which she has had some fun, some joy, some real satisfaction, that day is a loss.” Anonymous

“Fun is Good.” Dr. Seuss

Are you having enough fun in your life? Belly laughs that make your stomach hurt, laughing so hard that you are crying (one of my favorites), that light open feeling in your body of pure fun.  You will probably know the answer to this quickly and if you are like many people today, the answer will be NO.

Traveling in Bali—Balinese Culture compared to the United States

When I was traveling in Bali, one of the things that I learned that really stuck with me was that when the Balinese have a spiritual ceremony they will not begin the ceremony until they feel the presence of the God’s and Goddesses they have invited.  One of the things that they believe draws these spiritual presences near is celebration and fun.  So if they are not feeling the energy of the God’s and Goddesses, they know they are not having enough fun, so they need to step it up a notch and celebrate even more, open their hearts even more to raise the vibration to a higher level.   They know when they are on track when they feel the energy shift with the presence of the Gods.

Now imagine in our culture if spiritual traditions would not begin unless everyone felt this shift happen. The Pastor or Priest saying to the crowd  “I’m sorry folks but we can’t begin until you are having more fun out there—come on—have some fun.” Could you imagine the look of bewilderment on people’s faces getting this kind of instruction “What do they mean fun—right now?!”  Yes, this would be shocking for a lot of people
in our culture.  We aren’t used to celebrating and having fun together—this is not something that comes easily and naturally for most people.

Our Innate Capacity to Have Fun

The capacity to have fun is something that we are born with, it is innate. Just looking at small children and you will see the natural capacity to play and have fun.  What happens to this as we get older?  Some people are able to retain this ability to have fun, play with others and laugh easily.

For many people this capacity gets lost with increased responsibilities of a job, having children, caring for elderly parents —feeling overwhelmed with the stress of everyday living. There can be an attitude that the fun will happen when the work is done—but you know the work is never really done.

Fun tends to get put on the back burner—and for many people it is on the back burner for so long they forget even how to have it or what it is like.  I have clients who say to me “I don’t even know how to have fun, I don’t even know where to start.”

This article will give you ideas on how to start having more fun, but first I want to share with you some compelling reasons why Fun needs to be a priority in YOUR life.


  1. Having Fun is your Natural State.  We were born to have fun.Look at little babies they are giggling and laughing—they are little fun machines—having fun is like breathing for them.  This is who we are deep inside—we are little fun machines—wanting to have fun and play.  That is why it feels so good to be around babies and children—they remind us of who we really are and we connect with that energy just by being around them.
  2. Having Fun Helps Your Life Work Better When we are more aligned with our natural state our lives work better, we are more in the flow. When our bodies are tense with being serious, worrying, being so busy– life becomes hard and a struggle—we are out of alignment with our natural state.  When we are relaxed, having fun—things flow easier—solutions to what we need to do in our life come easier to us in this state.  When we are in alignment with our natural state are bodies can be healthier and stronger.  Just like a car out of alignment doesn’t function optimally—we too function better when we are in alignment with our natural state—how we are designed to function.  We are designed to function with having a lot of fun and ease in our life.
  3. Having Fun Gives You More Energy.  Having fun feeds your Spirit.Using the car analogy again-just like a car needs certain things to give it energy to operate.  We need basic things for our body to function- like air, food, water and shelter. But we are much more than our bodies, we are Spirits housed in our bodies.  We also need fuel for our Spirits to thrive and feel uplifted.  You know what it is like to feel like your Spirit is sagging—life becomes dull and lifeless and you think–-“what is the point?”  That is when you know you need to feed your Spirit.  What feeds our Spirit is the intangible but crucial aspects of living—love, fun, pleasure, intimacy with others, and connection to Spirit. I have health conscious clients who are doing wonderful things to support their physical bodies, yet they are still feeling sick or have low energy.  That is because they are not attending to the feeding of their Spirit.  By starting to feed their Spirit with having fun they are amazed at how much energy this brings.
  4. Having Fun Attracts Good Things to You.  Years ago I was out to dinner with some good friends and we were having so much fun that other people in the restaurant would come up and talk with us.  One woman came up and said that she couldn’t keep her eyes off of us, we were having so much fun that she wanted to join us.  Everybody likes to have fun and when we are having a lot of fun-–we are a like a magnet to others—they want to be around us and have fun too.  We are like the Balinese Gods and Goddesses—wanting to come near when there is fun and celebration.  Fun attracts in another way as well.  Fun is a higher frequency. To explain what this means—think of a time when you walked into a room where people were getting along and having a lot of fun—didn’t the energy of the room feel “lighter”  Now think of a time when you walked into a room where people were arguing and there was anger—didn’t the energy feel “heavy” and dense. This is an example of the difference in energy frequencies that we can be in.Like frequencies tend to gravitate towards each other—light energy tends to draw light energy—dense energy tends to draw other dense energy.  So when we are having more fun, our energy is lighter and will tend to attract other light  energy things—whether it’s other people who are having fun, or experiences that are more positive and “light.”
  5. Having Fun has a Positive Ripple Effect on Those Around You.  Think about what it is like to be in a room with someone who is really happy and having fun—this energy is contagious and pretty soon you start to feel good too.

One of the most dramatic examples I have of this is a few years ago I was at the Boston airport catching a flight back to Wisconsin.  When I walked into the airport I could feel the energy of tension and stress—-I soon discovered that many of the flights had been cancelled because of the weather.  Because of my interest in positive emotional states, I decided to do a research experiment.

My experiment was to see what would happen if I would maintain a real happy, joyful emotional state in the midst of all of this stress and tension. I walked through the airport smiling at people—maintaining my state of joy and relaxation.  When I went through security I was picked to go through the more in depth search line.  The people in this line were even more frustrated and upset.

I continued to maintain my positive state and started to joke around with the man ahead of me. Within 10 minutes the entire line was joking and laughing.  Some really funny things started to happen too.  One young man had to take his belt off his jeans that were so baggy that as soon as he took his belt off his jeans dropped exposing his boxer shorts.  We all started laughing and he joined in at how funny this was.

What I believe is that we are easily influenced by the emotional states of those around us. Like my example above—holding a positive state of having fun and lightness can easily shift those around you into a lighter state as well.  And isn’t this the kind of effect you want to have on those around you!


  1. Make a List of What You Love to Do for Fun  Even if your list is short,still write it down.It is like priming the pump to write these things down.  Then what happens is your inner fun machine will start to come up with even more ideas.  Give yourself permission to write down anything, even if it seems silly to you.  Then begin to integrate these fun things into your day and see what happens.
  2. Make Fun a Priority in Your Life  Begin your day with an intention to have a lot of fun.People who have a lot of fun in their life—have made fun a priority and routinely do things that create fun throughout their days.
    It could be turning a boring meeting into one that is fun and productive.  I have done this with meetings I have attended.  One meeting where we were going to be working on a difficult situation—I suggested we start the meeting with telling jokes and goofing around.  Everyone was game to do this and we had a lot of fun for about 10 minutes then we shifted into the issue we were trying to resolve.  Much to everyone’s surprise we resolved the issue quickly and easily because we were in a more relaxed creative state because of the fun we had at the start of the meeting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        If you make fun a priority in your life you will be more productive with your time.   One way to understand this is using the analogy of having a child inside of you.  If you just work all of the time—the child inside of you begins to get frustrated because of the lack of fun—and begins to rebel.  This rebellion shows up in your life as procrastination, low energy, lack of focus—it is like a drag on your energy.  It is like the child says—“If you don’t listen to me, I’m not going to cooperate with the things your trying to get done.” Integrating fun into your days satisfies this child inside of you and then it cooperates with the other things you want to get done. Even though you are taking time to have fun—you actually don’t lose any time because the time you do work is very productive.  I have seen this work over and over again with clients—the more fun they have, the more they get done.  Try it and see for yourself!
  3. Let Go of False Beliefs  About Fun  What kind of beliefs do you have about about having fun?  List these beliefs on a piece of paper.  They could be “It’s irresponsible to have too much fun.”  “Fun is just for kids, not for adults.” “I’ll look stupid if I’m having fun” “I don’t have enough time to have fun.” “Having fun is a waste of time, it’s frivolous.”  Examine these messages and decide if you want to continue to hold these beliefs. These false beliefs can be holding you back from a world of  fun.  Write new messages about fun that you want to embrace-i.e. “Having fun helps me to be more creative and productive in my whole life.”  “Fun feels good and I deserve to feel good.” “Fun brings me closer to those around me.” “Fun leads to great things happening in my life.” Embracing these new beliefs will open the doorway for more Fun in your life.
  4. Be a Fun Initiator in Your Life  Think of ways that you can bring more fun to yourself and others throughout the day.When you are in conversation with people use humor and lightness to create fun rather than letting the conversation slip into negativity.  Many people are in the habit of connecting with one another through discussing problems and gossiping.  Just notice if you are in this habit by monitoring what you tend to focus on in your conversations with others. See if you can allow yourself to connect with others with fun and joy.  When others ask you how you are doing say “I am having so much fun in my life, I am so happy!”  Think of fun activities that you can do with your friends and family—have a theme party that has a silly theme or designate a day to celebrate something fun.I heard from some friends that there was a day a few months ago that was “Talk like a Pirate Day” and they were having fun planning a party on that day.  Be willing to take risks and try new things.  Re-connect with that fun-machine inside of you that is just waiting to have more fun than you have been having. Click into what you knew innately as a baby and a child—that having fun is a big part of what we are here for. So don’t waste another minute and —-go have some fun!


Hi, I'm Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC a Holistic Psychotherapist in private practice. I specialize in helping people connect with their Authentic selves--and from this create a life that is in alignment with their Life Purpose and filled with Joy. I offer transformational individual counseling, presentations, groups and Workshops. You can get my Free Workbook "What Do You REALLY Want: Finding Purpose and Passion in Your Life" here or contact me at 877-346-1167.
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