Guess Who is On Your Side

September 25th, 2012, by Shelley Riutta

When you bump up against challenges in your life–how do you respond?  Do you fall into negativity saying–“this always happens to me–things never go my way”.  Or are you able to stay positive and affirm that whatever is happening is ultimately going to be a good thing for you.

I believe one of our opportunities as we journey through our lives is to determine what our mindset will be in the face of challenges.  Many of us can adopt a similar pattern of how to handle challenges as our parents did.

So notice if that is what happens for you.  Do you get angry like your Dad did when things don’t go your way–or are faced with a challenge?  Do you avoid what is happening like your Mom did?  Do you vent or complain but never take positive action?  Just for a moment notice what pattern you tend to have in the face of challenges.

I had a client years ago that when she faced a challenging situation she would imagine  the worst case scenario immediately.  When she did this—it would stress her out tremendously and as she would say “I just freak out.”

What we uncovered at the root of this reaction was a belief that the world was against her–and she had to really fight for what she wanted.  This stemmed from her experience as a child of her parents not supporting the things she truly desired–and that she had to fight to get what she wanted.

Her reaction was an old response mirroring how things used to be for her when she was younger.  We discussed that her experience had shaped her experience of how she felt about the world—and even how she felt about her spiritual connection.  Instead of the Universe and her spiritual connection being supportive of her—she felt like they were somehow against her.

We did some work to help her connect more with the truth by doing some guided imagery for her to connect more directly with her spiritual connection.  By doing this she was able to experience this incredible unconditional love and support—in a way that she never had felt before.

She began to see that her spiritual connection was on her side and wanted only the very best for her.  She realized her parents were operating from closed hearts and their own fears—but not from how the Universe and our spiritual connection truly operates.

We all have this kind of loving support around us each and every moment.  Whatever your spiritual beliefs are—you are surrounded by love and support all of the time.  The Universe is truly on our side.  The more you open up to this in your own life you can trust that when challenging things happen that the Universe does want you to “win” and even if on the surface it appears “bad”—these events are ultimately leading you to good things.

When challenging things happen see if you can affirm to yourself “I trust—the Universe is on my side and this will ultimately lead to good things for me.”

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