How I Work

What it is like to work with me. On this page I’ll share with you the results that clients have enjoyed and I’ll also give you a sense of my guiding beliefs, philosophy and approach in working with clients.

You will feel more on track with your life-that you are in alignment with your deepest dreams and desires. You will feel more fulfilled and satisfied with your life as a whole.  It will be like all of the pieces of the puzzle clicked into place and you feel a deep sense of peace.  Confusion will be replaced with clarity.

You will feel more able to share love with those you are closest to. As you create a more loving internal relationship this naturally will impact how you interact with everyone around you.  Your relationships will improve dramatically with your increased capacity to love and be loved.  There will be more laughter and a sense of lightness in your interactions with others.

You will easily take care of yourself in every area of your life. Self-sabotaging patterns that have plagued you for years will fall away and be replaced by consistent positive self-care.  You will take positive actions for your physical health, financial health, mental health, spiritual health and emotional health.

You will feel like your life is in Balance. There is plenty of time to do the things that are most important to you as well as meet your day to day responsibilities.  You feel a sense of ease and flow to your life.

You will have clarity about your dreams and be able to pursue them with confidence. Moving towards your dreams becomes a process filled with fun, excitement and learning.  You wake up excited about your day and can’t wait to get started.

You will consistently feel more joy, love and fun in your life. Being in the state of Joy will become the norm for you and when you aren’t in that state will be learn from it and quickly be able to move back into Joy.  You will be able to maintain your positive emotional state no matter what is going on around you.  You will be in charge of your emotional state each and every moment.  Being consistently in the states of joy, love and fun will have a ripple effect on those around you—it is contagious and those around you start to be in that state more and more as well.

“Shelley is a joyful, compassionate, sweet spirit with profound inner strength.  Her objective insights have made immeasurable contribution to my life as I reclaim my birthright of joy and personal power.”                      Marc, Green Bay, WI

Guiding Beliefs and Values

Living from our authentic self brings ease, joy and fulfillment. I believe and see proof for this over and over that when we live from our authentic self and make decisions from this part of us—our life becomes easier, joyful and more fulfilling.
Reaching your goals in Therapy doesn’t need to take forever. I believe that therapy is a means to an end and not meant to last for years and years.  You have specific goals that you want to achieve and we will make sure we take the route that gets you there the fastest. Life is meant to be lived and therapy enables you to free the blocks that prevent you from living the life you were meant to live.

Our natural state is Joy. I believe our natural state when we are in our authentic self is Joy.    When you aren’t in Joy-it gives you feedback that your thoughts and/or behavior are out of alignment with your authentic self.  There are specific things you can do to bring yourself back into alignment with your authentic self-back into the state of Joy—so you can be in this state more consistently.

We each have a specific Life Purpose. I believe each of us has a specific purpose for our lives.  When we are in alignment with this purpose and living it our life shifts into a higher state of joy and fulfillment.  We are in the flow of our life path and we feel a deep sense of peace.

Knowing your own Intrinsic Worth and Lovability frees you from needing others approval. When we value our own authentic self and see our own worth and lovability we let go of needing others to give us approval.  When you are free of needing others approval, you can feel more relaxed and open to just be yourself.  In turn you are more open to allowing others to just be themselves too—therefore your relationships become easier and easier.

Limiting Beliefs keep you from reaching your Full Potential and Feeling Joy. Unearthing and clearing limiting beliefs frees up your energy and helps you to quickly move forward in your life.  Releasing these limiting beliefs allows the joy of your authentic self to come forward and be expressed.

My Approach

If you are ready to let go of being stuck and move fully into your Authentic Self, you have come to the right place. I have gathered tools and techniques that are powerful and effective in helping you shift quickly, so you can get on track with the life you are meant to be living.
During the first session we will review your history and discuss your goals and dreams. In this session I will get a sense of which tools and techniques will be most beneficial to you and in what order they will be most effective.  This plan is customized for your specific needs.  We will clearly outline your goals and be able to monitor your progress as we work together.

My Uniqueness

As a pioneer in the holistic psychotherapy field I believe that reaching your goals and dreams does not need to take forever. I believe the process of therapy can be fun and energizing—each step of the way opens you to more and more exciting possibilities.  You were designed to live from your authentic self—to fully express this in your life and with others.  To have have your life be a creative masterpiece of you expressing you.  When you do this your will feel deep fulfillment and joy.  The sooner this happens for you, the better.

I will teach you specific techniques that you can use on your own to make your life easier and reach your goals. A frequent comment I hear from clients is “I was going to call you for a session but I used this technique you taught me and I was able to figure it out on my own!”  Yes—that is what good therapy does—gives you the tools to work through things on your own.

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with me,  you can next go to my services page to learn about the specific services and programs I offer.

Hi, I'm Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC a Holistic Psychotherapist in private practice. I specialize in helping people connect with their Authentic selves--and from this create a life that is in alignment with their Life Purpose and filled with Joy. I offer transformational individual counseling, presentations, groups and Workshops. You can get my Free Workbook "What Do You REALLY Want: Finding Purpose and Passion in Your Life" here or contact me at 877-346-1167.

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