Is This You?

I work with growth oriented individuals and couples of all ages who are feeling stuck in some area of their life or relationships.

Are some of these statements true for you?

  • You feel like there is something more you want to be doing with your life and your not sure what that is, and you don’t know how to figure it out
  • You are struggling in one of your relationships and there is more conflict than sharing love and supporting each other.
  • You feel like your career is out of alignment with what you really want to do—or you are in the field you love but you’re not reaching your full potential
  • You know what you could be doing to take care of yourself (health/exercise), but you don’t follow through with doing these things.
  • You feel that there is past trauma that is limiting your life today
  • You may feel like your life is out of balance with too much work and not enough play.
  • You lack the self-confidence to pursue your deepest dreams.
  • You feel alone and disconnected from yourself and others.
  • You have tried other healing modalities with some success and are looking for tools to take you all the way to your fullest potential

You are likely to be successful working with me if you….

  • Have a deep desire to learn and grow
  • Are open-minded and willing to try new things
  • Desire to thrive in all areas of your life
  • Desire to be a more loving person with yourself and others
  • Desire to consistently have more joy, love and fun in your life
  • Desire to live life with ease and balance, not struggle
  • Are willing to put time and effort into your growth and make it a priority

“Shelley transmits an incredibly gentle and accepting presence that allows me to feel safe enough to speak of–and open up to–the deepest levels, without shame, and heal them.”                                                               Sue, Connecticut

Now that you know the kind of clients I work with, the issues I help them resolve and what my clients need to do to ensure their success, Click on this link to learn more about How I Work with clients.

Hi, I'm Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC a Holistic Psychotherapist in private practice. I specialize in helping people connect with their Authentic selves--and from this create a life that is in alignment with their Life Purpose and filled with Joy. I offer transformational individual counseling, presentations, groups and Workshops. You can get my Free Workbook "What Do You REALLY Want: Finding Purpose and Passion in Your Life" here or contact me at 877-346-1167.

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