Let go of Pain in your body–by Having Fun!

December 18th, 2012, by Shelley Riutta

I had an interesting meeting a while back with a friend of mine who is a chiropractor.  I haven’t seen him in years but whenever we connect we seem to be on parallel tracks.  Today was no different.

He talked of his evolution as a chiropractor and that over the last year he has begun to make the connection to a person’s emotional state and the pain in their body.  He now sees the pain in the physical body as a form of resistance to the natural state of joy of our Essence–our Authentic Self.  The pain gives us feedback that what we are thinking is out of alignment with our true nature.  We initially feel this pain in our emotional body–with feelings of anger, fear, despair, depression etc.  If we stay in these states long enough they begin to manifest in our body as a physical issue.  The more serious the issue–the more chronic the negative emotional state has been.  It still may need to be addressed on the physical level–but if the underlying emotional pattern has not been addressed the physical issue may return.

 So he said that I am in the right field and that people should be talking to me instead of him!  He said that if someone is in a chronic negative state there is nothing he can do for them to help them physically if they are unwilling to change this negative pattern.  Many people are more comfortable going to see a doctor or chiropractor to address a physical issue than to go to see a psychotherapist.  The wounded states of negativity, self-judgement, hopelessness, attempts to control–block the flow of energy in our body. If this continues to happen this blocked energy will begin to manifest in a physical issue.  That is why I say to clients–if they have been in a wounded state and they want to shift—doing something physical–like taking a walk around the block will help discharge the negative energy that is blocking their energy and free it up so they can be in the natural flow of feeling good.

So if you have pain in your physical body—see if you can connect it with a negative emotional pattern that you engage in. Is it reflecting your critical feelings towards someone in your life or an overall negative attitude towards life in general?  Or see if you can track when the physical pain started in your body—did an event cause a strong emotional response that got lodged in the body.  Once you make the connection see if you can give your body permission to release this blocked energy and let it go.  Reassure yourself that you don’t need to hang on to this pain and suffering any more.  Imagine your body being pain free and embrace this as true for you—despite what medical condition you have been diagnosed with.  Know that your Essence is free and clear of any pain and suffering and align yourself with your Essence.

The other step is then to make sure that you maintain a positive emotional state throughout the day.  This is not only your natural state but the most healing state for your body.  Your body is designed to self-heal when it is operating optimally.  The more you lift your energy to the high frequency of your Essence you provide yourself with the most powerful treatment you could ever get for your physical issues!

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  1. Jill says:

    Wow! What a fantastic article! I’m seeing this process playing out in my life now, as I am moving my body in ways I haven’t in the past. But I am choosing to move in conscious ways to educate me about my pain– why does my hip feel locked? Why do my knees feel tight and sore? Pushing through soreness while paying attention to safe activity (not overdoing it)informs my heart what healing work still needs doing, and then I go for some bodywork– Reiki, massage, aromatherapy, a big hug! So it is moving through the pain, and then releasing the pain– not identifying with it.
    What freedom it is bringing into my life! And in turn it creates more intimate relationship with myself and with those I love!

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