Listen to Your Intuition

September 27th, 2012, by Shelley Riutta

“Good instincts usually tell you what to do long before your head has figured it out.”  Michael Burke
When is the last time you had an intuition, a knowing about something?  What did you do with that knowing–did you listen to it–even though it may have gone against the thoughts of your logical mind?  Or did you push it aside and ignore it?
Your life will go much smoother and easier if you allow your decisions to be guided by the wisdom of your intuition.  So often when I meet with clients the voice of their intuition has been stifled for years by the chatter in their mind.  And the more their intuition is stifled–they end of making decisions based on the fears and false beliefs of their mind.  These decisions will not lead to the happiness and fulfillment they are seeking.
If you have lost your connection with your intuition–you will feel lost in life.  Your intuition is  your built in navigational system designed to guide you on your true path.  If this has happened how do you reconnect?
Here are some tips to be able to hear the voice of your intuition more clearly.
  • Have periods throughout the day when your mind is free of thoughts.  Just clear your mind and sit in the silence.  Your intuition is subtle and to hear it you need to be quiet.
  • A good time of day to connect with your intuition can be when you just wake up.  This time when your mind is still somewhat asleep–allows a space for your intuition to come through.  So next time you wake up–instead of jumping out of bed–just spend some moments in the silence and start to sense what your intuition is trying to tell you.
  • Many times intuition is felt in the body.  Become familiar with how you feel yours.  Many people feel their intuition in their belly and that is why they say “I have a gut feeling about this”.  Tune into the sensations that communicate your intuition.
  • Carry around a small notebook throughout the day and jot down when you have an intuitive awareness.  The more you look for and pay attention to your intuition–the stronger it will get for you.
So once you are reconnected with your intuition they key thing now is to listen to it and take action on what it is telling you.  How often have you had an intuition and went against it and ended up really regretting it?
Develop a relationship with your intuition.  Understand how it communicates with you and then start to trust it.
Your intuition is a deeper wisdom that is able to assess a situation more quickly and accurately than your logical mind.
Have a willingness to trust your intuition even if it might not make sense to your logical mind.  Say to yourself and others “I am doing this because it feels right to do”–and leave it at that without having to “explain” yourself.
Become friends with your intuition and let it guide you to an easier and more joyful life!

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