Prosperity Consciousness vs. Poverty Consciousness

April 4th, 2011, by Shelley Riutta

Where is your mind going lately related to prosperity? Are you buying into the fears about the “economy” or are you keeping your mind focused on what you want to create in your own life?  I have made a conscious decision to not participate in what is being called a “recession” just as I choose to not participate in many
other things that do not serve me in creating the kind of life I am

We all get to choose where we are going to focus our time, energy, and attention in our day to day life. Where we focus this attention will affect how we feel from moment to moment and also
will affect what kind of direction our life will move in.  Do you
want to move towards prosperity or poverty?  It is as plain as that. Ultimately, prosperity is more in alignment with your true nature–your Spirit.

I hear many people around me attributing the negativity in the
world and their life to the “economy.”
My neighbor tells me she is not selling her house because, of course, “the economy.”  When I share with her some of the exciting things I am doing this next year she says to me, “You are going to do that in this economy?!” Yes, and I know everything will be fine.  In “my world” my business is busier than it has ever been and is getting busier everyday.

We are living in two different worlds–her world is one of fear and poverty and mine is of faith and prosperity. This difference did not come up recently–we have been on two different tracks of cultivating these different mindsets for a very long time–and we are bearing different fruit from this now.  What world have you
cultivated and now live in?

Over the years of working with clients I really get that people
live in different worlds that are, for the most part, self-created.
One person lives in a world where people are loving and
kind–another person lives in a world where people cannot be
trusted and are out to take from them.

The important thing here is that these beliefs can attract the very thing that will reinforce their held beliefs. Whatever you believe will act as true.  If you don’t know what your beliefs are look at
what you are experiencing: what kind of beliefs would you have to
have to get this experience?

I work with clients who have a template of loving relationships and this keeps happening for them over and over again. The good news is you can change your belief template.

Here are the differences in these two mindsets:

Poverty Consciousness

Prosperity Consciousness
1. Belief in Scarcity 1. Belief in Abundance
2. There is not enough for everybody 2. There is enough for everybody
3. Focus on bills/debt 3. Focus on how to bring more money in
4. Views money coming to them through 1 to 2 channels 4. Open to receive money through all channels
5. Focus on lack and what they do not have 5. Has extreme gratitude for all that they have
6. Watches the news to determine what is going to happen to them 6. Limits exposure to mass media and decide what they will create in their own life personally
7. Believe if they have abundance they will hurt the planet 7. Believe they can use their abundance to help the planet e.g. buying organic products, buying a hybrid car
8. Feel they don’t deserve abundance 8. Feel they deserve abundance
9. Don’t invest in personal growth 9. Invest in personal growth
10. Because of fears of scarcity, aren’t generous with others 10. Generous in giving to others
11. Aren’t aware of their limiting beliefs around money 11. Consistently work on releasing limiting beliefs around money
12. Are not aware of how to manage their money effectively- and don’t have a plan for their money 12. Learn about effective ways to handle their money and have a plan for their money
13. Believe that people with money are greedy and selfish and must have done something dishonest to get the money 13. Realize some people with money are generous and some are greedy- they decided that they can live an abundant life that is in alignment with their values
14.  Fell guilty if they have abundance and others are struggling 14. Realize that they can be a role model for others on how to create abundance.  They also know that the more abundance they have the more they can help others
15. Are not willing to learn from others who have created abundance. Stay stuck in their own patterns and don’t seek help 15. Are willing to learn from others how to create abundance. Are willing to get help if they are stuck.

Where is your mindset today? See if you can shift right now into
prosperity consciousness–being grateful for what you do have and
opening up to even more abundance.  It will be more in alignment
with your true nature—which is truly abundant with love,
compassion, creativity and all of your special gifts.

Wishing you incredible prosperity!

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