9 Self-Esteem Exercises – #8

September 13th, 2012, by Shelley Riutta


When is the last time you reached out for support? I work with people on developing a Loving Adult on the inner level that is attending to their feelings and taking loving actions on their own behalf.  We also need support from others.  So it is the job of the Loving Adult to determine when it is time to reach out to others.

The wounded self—the conditioned part of us may think that reaching out is a bad thing–that others will think we are weak or will let us down etc.—so it is better to “just do it on our own.”  If you follow the wounded self and don’t reach out you will feel alone and isolated–on top of struggling with whatever you are struggling with.  Reaching out to others will help you open up to connection–to know that you are not alone and that someone cares about you and is supporting you.  Many of our wounded states are related to feeling somehow different and set apart from everyone else in our suffering.  So reaching out and connecting in of itself is very healing and will help you shift into a better place.

Spirit works through other people as well as coming from your own guidance. The information that would be helpful to you is always trying to get through to you.  It can be our own negative states that lower our frequency and make it difficult to receive this information. So reaching out to others will allow helpful information to come through to you that you may be blocking because you are having a difficult time.

Give yourself the gift of reaching out to others for support when you need it.



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