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“How has my life changed from working with Shelley? Life is sweeter and more joyful.  I’m less afraid, more confident, and grounded–willing to try new things.”                                                                                   Tammy, Green Bay, WI

Many of the issues that people struggle with are symptoms of being in a state of disconnection from their authentic self. When you are out of alignment with your authentic self you may have the following difficulties:

*You feel like there is something more you want to be doing with your life and your not sure what that is, and you don’t know how to figure it out. You feel empty and that life lacks deep purpose and meaning for you.  Or you have a dream but you don’t take any action to move towards this dream.  You may feel it’s too late to pursue, or it’s not practical or that you don’t have what it takes to do it

*You are struggling in one of your relationships and there is more conflict than sharing love and supporting each other. Whether it is your spouse, your significant other or your child -you are frustrated with the lack of communication, the arguing the struggle that doesn’t seem to get any better no matter what you try

*You feel that you life is out of balance with too much to do and not enough time for the things that are most important to you. You feel like you are on a treadmill, just going and going trying to get everything done.  You feel like your life is running you rather than you running your life.

*You feel that there are things that happened to you in the past that are limiting your life today. You may feel anxious around other people or have a hard time really opening up and trusting others.  You may have people you are close to in your life, but you hold yourself back from connecting with them at a deep level.  You may lack confidence to pursue the things you really want in life and feel you deserve them.

*You know what you could be doing to take care of yourself, but you don’t follow through with doing these things consistently. You may not exercise, get enough rest, eat healthy, take time off to relax.  You may struggle with addictions to overeating, alcohol, spending money, watching TV/internet etc.

*You feel unhappy, depressed or anxious and aren’t sure why and how to change this. You know you are unhappy or anxious but you can’t pinpoint why and what you need to do to feel differently.  You try different things and they may help a little bit, but then you go back to feeling bad again.

individualsessionsReconnecting with your Authentic Self to get back on Track
You have an internal guidance system that you were born with to help you navigate easily and effortlessly through your life. This guidance system is your Authentic Self.  When we are connected to our Authentic Self-we can make the best decisions that will lead us to the life we were meant to live.  The Authentic Self gives us feedback when we are out of balance and making choices that are not in alignment with our natural path of joy.  It also gives us very clear feedback when we are on track.

There are daily practices that you can do to ensure regular and ongoing contact with your Authentic Self. The more consistently you stay connected, the more you will make the best decisions for your life.  The more you make these good decisions, the more you will feel happy and in alignment with your true life path.

“You have helped me more than any other therapist.  Thank you for all of your help!                                                                                       Female, Two Rivers, WI

Not everyone has the deep desire to live from their Authentic Self and the willingness to take the necessary actions that can transform their lives.

You’re a good candidate for Radiant Life Counseling if:

  1. You are truly committed to connecting with who you really are and expressing that fully in the world.
  2. You are willing to invest a certain amount of time and energy to put into practice the tools that can truly make a difference in your life
  3. You are willing to try things outside of your current comfort zone
  4. You are willing to make your healing a top priority in your life

If this fits you, we can work together successfully.

Radiant Life Counseling includes addressing the following areas:

Assessment –First Session

  • Gain clarity and understanding of the inner dynamic that has kept you stuck
  • Gain understanding of the areas where you are blocked and what can be done to address each of these areas
  • Prioritize which areas need to be addressed first
  • Develop a comprehensive plan that includes healing your blocks, taking loving care of yourself in the present and moving yourself into full alignment with your Authentic Self and your true life path

Which of the following will be addressed first is unique to each person—an example is if you have done a lot of healing work and have done a lot of releasing the past work—you may start at Taking Loving Care of Yourself or Reach for the Stars.

Releasing the Past

  • Connect with past events that are affecting you today.  Do healing work around this event by bringing in compassion to yourself for what you experienced, clearing the false beliefs that were concluded from this experience and grounding yourself in the   safety of the present
  • Release stored grief, anger and fear in the body so you can live more fully in the present—Using one or a combination of the following methods-Breathwork, Guided Imagery, Inner Bonding, EFT  (Read “Inner Bonding and Breathwork”)
  • Make connections between how you were treated in the past and how you treat yourself today

Taking Good Care of Yourself in the Present

  • Identify loving actions for yourself and implement
  • Learn to speak the truth with love in your relationships
  • Setting loving boundaries in relationships ie “If you choose to talk to me that way I will will leave the room.”  “If you are late again the next time we go somewhere I will choose to drive on my own to the event.”
  • Setting internal boundaries around unhealthy behaviors ie overeating, alcohol, overspending
  • Decluttering and simplifying your life so you can have time for yourself and  to pursue your passions (Read “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify“)
  • Develop a supportive, loving inner dialogue (Read “I am Fabulous” and “I Love My Body”)
  • Identify situations where your inner dialogue is negative and develop a plan for a loving dialogue—practice this before the situation and implement
  • Use your emotions as feedback to you on if what you are saying to yourself is loving or unloving

Reach for the Stars: Moving into full alignment with your Authentic Self

  • Learn to see who you Authentic Self really is and get a clear sense of your worth and Loveability (Read article “I am Fabulous”)
  • Make the distinction of when you are in your false self vs. when you are being your Authentic Self
  • Use the intuitive feedback of your Authentic Self to know which decisions are best for for you
  • Gain experience being in the natural state of your Authentic Self—feeling Joy, Pleasure and having Fun (Read article “Living in Joy”, “Power of Your Own Pleasure”, and “Are You Having Fun Yet?”)
  • Practice Techniques to help you stay in a state of Faith rather than Fear (Read article “Free Your Spirit”)
  • Use the passion of your Authentic Self as a guide to your Life Purpose (Read article “What Do You Really Want?”)
  • Learn techniques to address the conscious and unconscious fears that get triggered as you move toward your goals

Intuitive Feedback
I am an intuitive.  During sessions I offer intuitive feedback to give you assistance on moving more easily through your blocks and connecting with your authentic self.

“”My experience with Shelley has been –well- life changing.  She and her methods: inner bonding, breathwork, visualization, not to mention her profound compassion and endless wisdom creates the difference between an average therapy session and true healing.  Working with Shelley allows me to heal pains of the past that stifled the pursuit of my true dreams and joys.  For me she is an angel on Earth.”

Linda, Green Bay, WI

When you schedule a session you will be mailed or emailed (based on your preference) an Intake packet. In the Intake packet is an Intake form which have questions that ask about :

  1. Significant Background Information
  2. What healing methods you have used in the past
  3. Your current satisfaction with all areas of your life
  4. Your Goals and Dreams

The first session is 75 minutes. In this session we will review what you have filled out on the Intake form and discuss your goals for doing this work.    I use a few different healing modalities in my work with clients: breathwork, inner bonding, guided imagery, EFT and powerful psychospiritual methods I have developed.  During this first session I get a sense of the best methods that will be helpful to you and which one to start with.  We will get started right away and do some healing in that first session as well.  Many clients have life changing healing experiences in their very first session.

I offer a 15 minute free consultation to answer your questions and see if working together could benefit you.

The goal is to get you on track with reaching your goals as quickly as possible. You are meant to be living from your authentic self—living a wondrous life filled with joy, fun and deep connection with those around you.  I want to have that happening for you as quickly as possible—why wait any longer!!  To schedule a session or schedule a 15 minute free consultation or to request more information click here.

Hi, I'm Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC a Holistic Psychotherapist in private practice. I specialize in helping people connect with their Authentic selves--and from this create a life that is in alignment with their Life Purpose and filled with Joy. I offer transformational individual counseling, presentations, groups and Workshops. You can get my Free Workbook "What Do You REALLY Want: Finding Purpose and Passion in Your Life" here or contact me at 877-346-1167.

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