Phone Sessions-Individual and Couple

I  work with clients nationally and internationally over the phone. Many people ask if working over the phone is as effective as meeting together in person.  My answer is YES.  Many clients even report that their phone sessions are even more powerful than counseling work that they have done in person.  Oftentimes people can be more free to express themselves over the phone and are more focused internally without the visual distractions of meeting in person.  I work intuitively and this skill can be heightened for me when working on the phone with people.  I am able to connect with powerful insights and clarity that can be helpful to you in your particular situation.

“Shelley is so gentle with her wisdom and insights. I appreciate that–I always feel she understands the process and challenges of learning Inner Bonding.  Every session there is always a gem of an offering that I take away and it becomes part of my practice.  I am truly grateful for her help.  Finally, after years and years with other therapists, do I now get it as I have Shelley to thank for helping through the hard stuff…”                       M.G, Nantucket, MA

When you schedule a phone session you will be mailed or emailed (based on your preference) an Intake packet. In the Intake packet is and Intake form which have questions that ask about:

  1. Significant Background Information
  2. What healing methods you have used in the past
  3. Your current satisfaction with all areas of your life
  4. Your Goals and Dreams

The first session is 75 minutes. In this session we will review what you have filled out on the Intake form and discuss your goals for doing this work.    I use a few different healing modalities in my work with clients: breathwork, inner bonding, guided imagery, EFT and powerful psychospiritual methods I have developed.  During this first session I get a sense of the best methods that will be helpful to you and which one to start with.  We will get started right away and do some healing work in that first session as well.  Many clients have life changing healing experiences in their very first session.

The goal is to get you on track with reaching your goals as quickly as possible. You are meant to be living from your authentic self—living a wondrous life filled with joy, fun and deep connection with those around you.  I want to have that happening for you as quickly as possible—why wait any longer!! To contact me to schedule a phone session click here.

Hi, I'm Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC a Holistic Psychotherapist in private practice. I specialize in helping people connect with their Authentic selves--and from this create a life that is in alignment with their Life Purpose and filled with Joy. I offer transformational individual counseling, presentations, groups and Workshops. You can get my Free Workbook "What Do You REALLY Want: Finding Purpose and Passion in Your Life" here or contact me at 877-346-1167.

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