Transformational Workshops

Radiant Life Workshops are a great way to make big shifts.  Taking a day or a few days out of your busy schedule to focus on YOU and your growth can be very powerful.  The insights and shifts that happened for you at a Workshop can help you move forward in your life.  People attend the Workshops on their own, with a friend or with family members. 

There are no Workshops currently scheduled.   Please stay posted for some Workshops that I will be scheduling soon:)

 I am Fabulous Workshop

Raising your self-esteem will have a profound positive effect on every aspect of your life.  As your self-esteem expands, the good things in your life will expand too.  Learn tools to more clearly see how fabulous you are and, in turn, how to create a more fabulous life! 

  • Let go of old beliefs that block you from EMBRACING and CELEBRATING you!
  • Learn specific techniques to eliminate self-judgment and replace it with self-talk that is LOVING and SUPPORTIVE
  • Learn to take LOVING ACTIONS everyday that increase your SELF-WORTH
  • Learn to see the BEAUTY and MAGNIFICENCE of who you really are

“An absolute joy!  I felt a great connection to everyone in the group and was able to work through a lot of unresolved issues.  I learned a lot from Shelley, the activities and the other people at the Workshop.  I feel calm, free, and open to all of life’s gifts.  I feel that my relationship with myself and others has been improved through this experience.” Feedback from person who attended the Workshop. 

Power of Your Own Pleasure

Are you having enough pleasure in your life?  When you focus on bring more Pleasure into your life you support and energize every area of your life.
Isn’t it time that you bring more delight and enjoyment into your Life?! 

  • Learn why feeling more PLEASURE will…
  • Make your life EASIER
  • Give you more ENERGY and help your body be HEALTHIER
  • Improve your RELATIONSHIPS
  • Release blocks that keep you from feeling PLEASURE each & every day
  • Learn specific techniques to bring more PLEASURE into your life
  • Develop your own PLEASURE PLAN to make POSITIVE CHANGES in your life

“I had a breakthrough with what I need to work on to find pleasure and to also release me from blocks that stem from childhood”  Feedback from Workshop participant. 

“I so enjoyed the group.  I had A LOT of fun.  I now feel the strength to follow my dreams!”  Feedback from Workshop participant 

“Awesome! An absolute blast.  I had a great time experiencing pleasure in my time at the Workshop.  I look forward to experiencing more pleasure in my life.”Feedback from Workshop participant. 

Free Your Spirit

Do you feel like you have a lid on your Spirit?  Come learn ways to Free your Spirit — opening up to more feelings of aliveness and vitality.  Your natural state is one of Vibrancy, Energy, Creativity and Joy — Isn’t it time to feel truly Free? 

  • Learn specific techniques to help you stay in a state of OPENNESS and TRUST, rather than fear and stress.
  • Have an experience of your TRUE SPIRIT—who you really are
  • Learn specific ways of LETTING GO of control of others, situations, and outcomes — to help move into more PEACE
  • Deepen your SPIRITUAL CONNECTION and learn ways to maintain this connection every day

“I did experience a freeing of my Spirit!  What a great group of people and facilitators!  Feedback from person who attended Workshop.

“It was a loving affirmation.  I never imagined my Spirit was this unique, loving and fun!”  Feedback from person who attended Workshop 


What Do You Really Want?

What excites you?  Fills your body with chills of delight?  Do you have a lot of passion and aliveness in your life or have things gone dull and flat for you.  Come explore what your deepest self would like to do and express in your life.  Discover ways you may be holding your life energy and passion back from fully being expressed.  Learn ways to create an environment inside and around you that allows your passion to flourish.  Whether you’re clear about what your passion is, but don’t know how to get there or if you have no idea what your true passion is, but want to find out, this workshop is for you. 

“Fun and enlightening.  I learned new techniques to use on my own.  I learned thing about myself that I was keeping hidden and now I can move on with my life!”  Feedback from Workshop participant.  

All the Joy You Can Stand!

Needing a Joy boost?  Come have some fun and learn how to bring even more Sunshine into your life.  Learn tools to help you have more Fun and Joy in your life each and every day. In this Workshop you will 

  • Learn the top 10 Joy killers and what you can do to eliminate them from your life
  • Learn 4 things naturally Joyful people do every day that creates Joy in their life.
  • Explore your beliefs about Joy and release patterns that keep Joy out of your life
  • Use Breathwork to open up to feeling JOY more fully in the body
  • Use the process of Inner Bonding to connect with the TRUE DESIRES of your AUTHENTIC SELF
  • How to transform those around you with your JOY
  • Develop your own JOY PLAN to take with you into your life

“The Joy Workshop was so beautiful!  Your creative ideas to teach us were meaningful.  We received many helps and so much to bring home with us.  Thank you for presenting this life altering Workshop!”Colleen H. who attended the Joy Workshop with her husband. 

“My work week ended with a huge disappointment regarding a co-worker.  I did not want to come to the Workshop but stay at home and strategize for the next week.  My husband asked me to come and just stay present in the moment.  I came and I am grateful!  I will start my work week in joy and a much better place.  I feel I can describe my present dilemma in joy and be heard by my Supervisor.  You are a wonderful facilitator, Shelley!”Suzanne R. attended the Joy Workshop. 

“The Joy Workshop was great!  It was the best Workshop I have ever attended!                                             Heather A. , attended Joy Workshop 

Inner Bonding

What does it mean to really love yourself?  We always hear how important this is—so what does this mean and how do we put it into practice?  The practice of Inner Bonding helps to develop a spiritually connected loving adult self capable of taking care of the child within.  Inner Bonding teaches you how to access your personal spiritual guidance, the Guidance that is always hear for you, supporting your highest good.  Discover the inner peace, joy, and connection with yourself and others for which your heart and soul have always yearned.  Learning this process will help to heal your aloneness, heal your relationships, and transform your life! 

“I really enjoyed this Workshop.  I would have never thought I could have connected with my inner child so easily.  To see things through the eyes of me as a small child was really unbelievable!” Feedback from person who attended this Workshop 

“I have to say—this was a wonderful workshop.  I really liked talking to my child and telling her everything is OK now.  Shelley you have a magical touch with everyone.  Your voice is so soothing.  I plan on getting the Inner Bonding book and working on this more.  I now feel calm and full of peace and joy. Thank you!”Feedback from person who attended this Workshop. 

Prayer Book Workshop

Do you want to develop a stronger spiritual connection?  Creating your own prayer book is a wonderful way for you to develop your own personal dialogue with the Divine.  No matter what your spiritual path — you can create a prayer book that can be a source of support and inspiration for you on your soul’s journey.  In this Workshop you will: 

  • Learn how developing a stronger spiritual connection can help you relax and trust the unfolding of your life path
  • Learn different ways to communicate with the Divine so you can feel supported and guided in your life
  • Learn to understand the subtle feedback that you are constantly getting from the Divine and your own intuition so you can make decisions that support your highest Good
  • Create your very own Prayer book—adding your favorite prayers, ones shared from from others at the Workshop or creating your own

Transforming Your Relationship with Money

Are you ready to transform your relationship with money?  Your money blueprint is your conscious and unconscious beliefs about money.  These are blueprints that you have inherited from your family and from your own negative experiences with money.  In this Workshop you will: 

  • Learn ways to shift your money blueprint from scarcity and limitation to abundance and prosperity.
  • Learn how to blend shifting your beliefs about money to taking practical actions which will bring in more abundance.
  • Open yourself to feeling abundance in all forms so you feel the richness already present in your life.
  • Learn the connection between bringing in more money and your self-worth
  • Learn how your limiting beliefs about money represent deeper limitations you have placed on yourself about other areas of your life–and what you can do about it!

“Truly amazing and eye-opening.  I learned several ways that I have been repelling money, and ways that I can instead attract it.  Almost immediately after implementing the exercises, I began attracting more wealth and happiness into my life.  I have told all of my friends and family about this presentation and cannot wait until you have another.”  Kristin, Green Bay, WI. 

What Do You Really Want: Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Do you feel confused about your life’s direction?  Do you know you have a deeper purpose, but can’t figure out what it is?  Finding your life purpose takes time and exploration.  Come spend the day deepening your connection with yourself and find out your next step in life.  In this Workshop you will: 

  • Learn the stages of Finding Your Life’s Purpose (and what stage you are in!)
  • Learn 5 mistakes people make when trying to discover their Life Purpose
  • Learn helpful exercises that increase your understanding and awareness of your unique gifts
  • Learn the different clues and signs that something is your purpose
  • Learn techniques to work through fears you may have about pursuing your purpose
  • Learn why you will make more money following your Life Purpose

Prerequisite for Workshop: Prior to Workshop you need to complete the exercises in the “What Do You Really Want: Finding Purpose and Passion in Your Life” Workbook. This is a free Workbook that you can get here.  We will be using some of the answers to the exercises in the Workshop. There is additional homework to do prior to the Workshop–after you register I will email it to you. 


Hi, I'm Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC a Holistic Psychotherapist in private practice. I specialize in helping people connect with their Authentic selves--and from this create a life that is in alignment with their Life Purpose and filled with Joy. I offer transformational individual counseling, presentations, groups and Workshops. You can get my Free Workbook "What Do You REALLY Want: Finding Purpose and Passion in Your Life" here or contact me at 877-346-1167.

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