The Power of Positive Rituals

November 29th, 2012, by Shelley Riutta

We live in a fast paced, hectic world where it is very easy to lose sight of each other and the special bonds we have.  The power of positive, mindful rituals can strengthen our connections with each other and provide on-going ways to stay connected.
I just returned from my annual Sister’s weekend–where I get together with my two sisters.  It is something I look forward to every summer and it is a guaranteed time that we have together to have fun and deepen the connection we have. 
There is something about an extended visit that allows for deeper sharing than typically happens on short visits.  There are things that I find out about my sisters only during these Sister’s weekends—even though we are close and talk a lot during the rest of the year.
We spent time trying to figure out how many years we have been doing our Sisters Weekend ritual.  We had fun remembering the goofy times we had and even talked about some hurts that had never been revealed before.  When I reflected on the power of this annual ritual I began to think of all of the other opportunities to create positive rituals in our lives. 
Here are some examples of positive rituals that you can create in your life to strengthen your relationships:
 1. Hug and kiss your honey mindfully when you part from each other during the day.  Be present and feel your love from them as you kiss.
2. Create a weekly date night or family night where you do something special together.  You can take turns planning this.
3. Follow rituals you enjoyed from your own family and create new ones that are unique to you and your family
4.Think of silly rituals–celebrate an obscure Holiday or an event every year.  I have friends who have a Mardi Gras party every year–which is a fun celebration in the winter in Wisconsin
5. Celebrate anniversarys that are important to you.  The day you met your sweetie, the day you stopped drinking.  Think of days you want to honor every year and create a ritual to honor it.
6. Release rituals that no longer have meaning for you that you continue because of expectations from other people.  This frees you up to create rituals that have true meaning for you and those you love.
7. Create a ritual of fun on one day on the weekend.  It could be afternoons on Sunday are only for doing fun things.
8. Create fun rituals in your neighborhood.  I have a neighbors who have a yearly Winter Solstice party that brings the whole neighborhood together to have fun and celebrate.
Be creative and think of meaningful or fun ways to celebrate the connection you have with those you love. 
I would love to hear about any rituals that you already celebrate in your life. Please post below:)

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  1. Deborah says:

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 11 years. I could never remember the day we began “dating” so every year we celebrate in August on the date of the full moon. I remember we were together for the full moon that month but that’s as close to the day as we can remember. When we tell people they think it is cute.

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