Who Do You Think You Are?

October 9th, 2012, by Shelley Riutta


I was always looking outside of myself for strength and confidence but it comes from within.  It is there all the time.” Anna Freud


One of the most common issues I work with in my work with clients is Self-Worth.  Many people are unable to see the true magnificence of who they really are. 

They are blind to it because of distorted perceptions they have of themselves.  It is like they are looking at themselves through a clouded, dirty window that is distorted–and when they look through this window they believe these distortions are really true.

What a relief for them when they find out this is what they have been doing!  Clearing away these distortions—like scrubbing the window clean—reveals the truth—that what is on the other side of the window–is their beautiful Authentic Self—Radiant, Loving, Joyful, Creative, Compassionate, Fun and Sparkly.

You may be reading this—thinking– Is that  really me—all of those things.  Yes–absolutely.  You may think–“Well I don’t feel so Joyful—or Sparkly.”  And yes, that might be true–because you may be operating in old patterns of your Conditioned Self which will block your experience of your Joy, Your Sparkly energy. 

But the good news is the Joy is always there, the Sparkly energy is always there—it never goes away.  It is like the Sun beaming brightly on the other side of the passing clouds it is Constant, Bright and nothing can ever take it away.

So see if you can tune into this energy of your Authentic Self right now.  Drop below your worries, fears, self-doubt, irritation and begin to feel the Love, the Joy, and the Excitement of your Authentic Self—that just wants to be, to Love, to Express and Have lots of FUN.

I would love to hear from you what happens when you do this.  You can post your answer below.




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