Who is responsible for your financial life–you or the economy?

June 30th, 2011, by Shelley Riutta

I am a member of a networking group and it has been interesting to watch the different members reactions to what is happening in the economy. Some of the members who are in the same industry are having different reactions—thus are having different results.  Some people are attributing the slowness in their business to what they hear in the media–that we are going into a recession and people just “aren’t buying”.  Then other people in the same industry make no mention of a slow down in the economy and are busier than ever.  One guy has been so busy he hasn’t been able to attend out meetings!  I went up to him after the last meeting and we talked about this—he said “I don’t focus on what is being said–I just kicked it into high gear and pursued these projects and things are going great–I am busier than ever!”

I have noticed too with my newer clients–many of them are mentioning the economy and their fears about how this will affect them. The clients I have been seeing for awhile—make no mention of this at all.  They keep their focus on the positive–take action in their lives to move their business and lives in a positive direction.  The phrase “What you think about expands” is a factor here.  The clients I have worked with for awhile learn that their own thoughts and actions lead to the results in their lives.  If someone is in fear and believes that external circumstances determine what is going to happen in their lives—their results will reflect this.  They will not take action and be immobilized—they will then create the very think they fear.  Going to my example above—the people that felt the economy was slowing down and “people weren’t buying”—stopped marketing their business because they felt “they won’t buy anyway”.  The person with the booming business didn’t stop pursuing business and started marketing even more–that is where he channeled his energy–his results were dramatically different.

Notice in your life how you are creating your own reality by the thoughts you hold—whether positive or negative—then these thoughts impact the kind of action you do or do not take.  Make the connection and really get that you are more in charge of what happens in your life than you may think right now.

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